Our Team

In our setting we maintain the ratio of adults to children in the setting that is set through the Welfare Requirements. We welcome volunteer parent helpers and students. This helps us to:

  • Give time and attention to each child.
  • Talk with the children about their interests and activities.
  • Help children to experience and benefit from the activities we provide.
  • Allow the children to explore and be adventurous in safety.

The Welfare Requirements require us to have a minimum of 1 adult for every 4 children aged 2-3 and 1 adult for every 8 children aged 3-5. In exceptional circumstances we may open with 1 adult for every 13 children age 3-5, however there will always be 1 adult for every 4 children under 3.

Amy – Director

Amy is the company director for the preschool and wrap-around care. Amy took over the company in January 2019.

Amy comes to Wombatz with 18 years childcare experience in all areas of the sector, Most recently as a co-ordinator of a large wrap -around company leading 9 clubs.

Amy has full first aid certificate, designated person child protection training, along side her Level 4 qualification.

Fun facts: Amy loves caravan holidays with her family, as well as walking. Amy is often known to be a bit of a workaholic as well.

Lucy – Manager

Lucy has been at Wombatz since 2012. She has carried out many roles in her time at Wombatz before moving in to the manager role

Lucy has a level 5 qualification along side her first aid, designated person child protection and SENCo training. Lucy has also taken part in a number of Playwork courses recently. This will enable her to support Amy with the wrap around care provision.

Fun Facts: Lucy is the queen of the litter pickers in Soham, and was awarded the towns-person of the year award for 2019.  She also enjoys spending time with her family and walking her dog.

Monique – Deputy Manager

Monique has been at Wombatz since the day it opened. Monique has supported with additional needs children for many years. Monique is a key worker and has the younger group of children.

Monique has first aid, designated person child protection and SENCo training.

Fun facts: Monique enjoys spending time with her 2 children, taking part in craft activities and watching American TV shows.

Louise – AKA Weezie

Louise has been at Wombatz since January 2014. Louise currently leads with the older preschool children and this year has completed the phonic pilot with them.

Louise has first aid, child protection designated person and phonics training, along with many others.

Fun facts: Louise loves pandas, and can juggle with 3 objects. Louise also loves cosy days in her PJs. Once on holiday Louise was hypnotised.

Andrea – Key Worker    

Andrea started at Wombatz in October 2015.

Andrea has a level 3 qualification along side her first aid and basic child protection training.

Andrea’s key group is currently a mix of children leaving to go to school and those in next years school leavers.

Fun Facts: Andrea loves to go to live music concerts particularly Mumford and Sons. Andrea has a number of animals including 5 cats and 4 hens. Andrea also loves to travel, particularly taking her children on new adventures.

Kerry  – Key Worker

Kerry started working as bank staff in October 2017 before becoming a permanent member of the team with a small group of key children.

Kerry has her first aid training along with her child protection. She has also recently done the induction to forest school to help support the children’s outdoor learning.

Fun Facts: Kerry loves to spend time with her family going away in there caravan. Kerry has a dog called cupcake and when Kerry was younger she used to breed ferrets.

Jemma – Key Worker

Jemma started in Jan 2012 and has a level 3 qualification. She has a small group of Key children all in the younger age group.

Jemma has completed her first aid training and basic child protection, and has also done her forest school introduction

Fun facts: Jemma loves to spend time with her daughter and enjoys going to live music concerts. Jemma also enjoys spending time at the family orchard.

Nikki – Nursery Assistant

Nikki started as bank staff in October 2018 and has become a permanent member of staff for the summer term.

Fun facts: Nikki is known to her friends as Little Miss Chatterbox, she loves spending time with her family and friends. Nikki is a massive Disney fan and has a fear of wasps.

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